What’s going on SewFlo?!


Hi Y’all,


                This week I finished up my Fall 2013 semester of graduate school!  YES!  ::happy dance, happy dance::  This has given me a lot more time to dedicate to SewFlo.  Of course, I am super stoked about this little occurrence until I start my next semester in a few weeks. 

                In other news, we finally bought our Christmas tree this past Sunday.  The tree is so beautiful and our home looks absolutely festive now.  Christmas is such a fun holiday and I am going to try and give quite a bit of handmade gifts this holiday season.  As an Etsy shop owner, I can really appreciate beautiful handmade items and I hope others do too!

  The Shop

                Just a little FYI, today is the birthday of one of our shop members!  She makes the fabric storage baskets and knitting bags in our shop.  So a VERY Happy Birthday to her!  Love ya! Xo0oxo0

                We currently have over 60 items in the shop!  We are adding new items just about every week.  We are currently working on expanding the items offered to you.  Right now we have several knitting and cosmetic bags in the works.  We are also working on several women’s accessories, such as earrings and scarves. We have recently placed an order for new twill tags and are excited to receive them next week.=]  We plan to offer pacifier leashes in the near future too.  Needless to say we have been having a lot of fun making new items for you.

               I just wanted to remind you we have some AWESOME promotions going on in the shop right now.  For one, all domestic orders ship for free through December 25th.  We also are offering free gift wrapping so your goodies come wrapped and ready for gift giving this holiday season.  And last, but not least, you can get 15% off your order by being one of our 1st 15 customers with coupon code: 15to1st15

 Happy Shopping!

Until Next Time,



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