SewFlo Achievements


Hi Everyone!

Since it has been quite awhile I thought I would share some updates with you. SewFlo has been super busy and will continue to stay busy throughout the summer. Woot! Woot! Since our last blog (geeze so long ago) we have achieved quite a bit.

Our achievements:

  1. We have created a Ravelry account! You can find us on Ravelry @ShopSewFlo. We had placed an ad in the marketplace last month. We currently have a banner ad in action on Ravelry. Have you seen us in either place?
  2. We have traveled! About two weeks ago we headed to Atlanta, Raleigh, and Charlotte. Hands down our favorite was Charlotte. And to be fair, during our week vacation, Charlotte was the only city we had saw THE SUN. As a Floridian, we gotta have our sunshine. We were getting cabin fever and walking around in a stupor without our Florida sunshine! The cold, ice, sleet, rain, snow, etc. just wasn’t our thing!
  3. And we will continue to travel! Anyone going to STITCHES SOUTH?!?! SewFlo is going to be there! We will be attending as patrons though, not vendors. We went to the show in Atlanta, Georgia last year and had a blast. Once we get our day in at the show, we are off to Nashville, Tennessee. We LOVE Nashville, so much fun!
  4. We have created new items! Have you checked out the shop recently? We have been pretty busy adding all kinds of fun items to the shop. We currently have over 140 goodies for you to take a look at, but that number will increase shortly. I am hoping to have all our new items posted before we leave for STITCHES. Let us see what happens! ::fingers crossed::
  5. We will participate in our first show! How exciting is that?! Until it becomes officially official (you like that wording?!), I will hold off on announcing our venue. We are super stoked to be participating in our first convention as a vendor this summer. I think we will have a ball, and of course we are waiting with anticipation to meet all of you at the convention! SO EXCITED! Blog announcing this awesome venue to hopefully follow soon.=]

SewFlo has been super busy and we hope to stay super busy. Thank you so much to everyone who makes SewFlo possible. We really appreciate the opportunity to be creative and be supported by you. We have shipped our goodies worldwide and we hope to continue to do so, thanks to all of you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Until Next Time,


Now for the question on everyone’s mind…

SewFlo Small Drawstring Bag

What do you call these types of dolls?



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