Florida Supercon is SewFlo’s First!


We will be vending at Florida Supercon!  We are totally stoked about this as this is our first convention!  My head is spinning with loads of ideas on fabrics, booth set-ups, designs, etc.  You have to come out to the show and check us out at the Miami Beach Convention Center July 3rd through July 6th.  I mean who doesn’t want to check out Miami Beach during July 4th weekend?!  SewFlo will be offering our usual items with some added Geeky Flair.  We’ll also bring some NEW and EXCLUSIVE items that will only be available at the convention.

Now, some of you may be wondering, WELL WHY SUPERCON?!?!  Well, let me tell you! When I was in college I worked at the convention center near my university.  One of my jobs was to run the front desk (AKA be the concierge).  I really enjoyed interacting with the out-of-towners and the patrons of all the different shows that came through.  One night I caught Dragon Ball Evolution on TV.  My boyfriend insisted the movie was inaccurate garbage and we needed to see the real deal anime.  So I took him up on his offer and since then I became hooked.  While still getting through the Dragon Ball series the convention center hosted an anime convention.  I asked to work as concierge during this show and absolutely LOVED the event.  The crowd was friendly, kind, and carefree.  The Cosplay was awesome, I felt like every super hero or villain you could think of was in the building. This convention was hands-down my favorite venue to work at during my time at the convention center.  So since this anime convention was so special to me, I decided SewFlo needed to have its first booth at an anime convention.  I did a quick Google search and found one in my own backyard.


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