Sale at SewFlo


Sale at SewFlo

Sale at SewFlo for Memorial Day Weekend.


#Like, Instagram Problems?!


For the past month or so SewFlo’s Instagram has been a mess. I would post to IG and if I was lucky the photo would maybe get a like or two. I knew something had to be wrong and so I began my investigation.

My first idea was to check the internet for tips and tricks. I tried several ideas and nothing worked. I turned the phone off and on, took out the battery, logged out and back in again, removed IG from my cell and then downloaded it again, updated the program, etc. Nothing seemed to make any difference. Then I began to notice that my hashtags weren’t being recognized by IG. I would click a simple hashtag like #SewFlo and the picture wouldn’t show up in the thread with all the other photos with #SewFlo. OH BOY, I was on to something! I started to analyze the few photos in the past month that had successful hashtags being recognized by IG and finally figured out the culprit! It was #like totally annoying, but I #like figured it out. =]

So needless to say, any photo with #like, was not being recognized by Instagram. It didn’t matter how many other hashtags were on the photo, as long as I used #like, it was an IG off switch. All the other hashtags on a photo weren’t being recognized because of #like. I do not think I have everything figured out with my Instagram battle though. I just tried to post another photo without #like, but with other popular hashtags and none of the hashtags worked. I guess this is an on-going investigation, but I do know one thing about my IG issue, #like is definitely guilty!

Until Next Time,