SewFlo Earring Review


SewFlo’s very first product review!

The Arcade Archives!


SewFlo’s earrings are amazing button style earrings! I tried two different size earrings; small and medium. The small earrings are purple polka dot and the medium were orange with robots. I love these earrings and I got a lot of comments while wearing them!


They are made out of a sturdy fabric so you don’t have to worry about them wearing thin in places. They are made out of quality materials so they will last a long time. I don’t have a favorite pair because I love them both equally.


SewFlo doesn’t just carry earrings they also have a wide verity of craft bags! These come in a wide verity of styles and patterns. I love the storage bins they are wonderful for holding a verity of crafting items for me it would be scissors and hole punches since I’m a huge paper crafter! They also carry burp clothes and…

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