SewFlo turns One!


Today SewFlo turns one and it is a wonderful feeling!  Thank you for all of your love and support for making this possible.  To think how far we have come this past year is just simply amazing.  We have learned so many new things and have met so many beautiful people.

I saw a quote today that said something along the lines of, Coca-Cola only sold 25 bottles their first year!  Isn’t that something crazy to think about?!  THE Coca-Cola had a flop of a first year?!  NO WAY!  It’s always important to remember with new beginnings come new challenges and to just never give up.  There are always those days that make me question myself and what I’m doing, but then I remember all of the positive vibes received by those who see and purchase SewFlo goodies.  You guys truly help push us along and make this SewFlo adventure worth it.  We always want to better our products and offer y’all new and exciting styles and prints whenever possible.  You guys truly get us going.  We love hearing from you and feel truly honored that you include SewFlo in your lives.

As part of the One Year Celebration,we would like to celebrate with you by hosting a sale!  Receive 20% OFF when you spend $35 or more with coupon code SewFloTurnsOne  Excludes S+H costs.  Good through October 3rd!

Another way we would like to celebrate with you is by launching our brand new YouTube series!  You will get to see SewFlo up close and personal!  We are going to be talking about all sorts of awesomeness, like fashion tips, DIYs, giveaways, and more!  So head over to our YouTube page and check out our first video!  Give us the “thumbs  up” and don’t forget to subscribe so you can see our smiling faces.=]  Happy watching and Happy Shopping!

Thank you for an amazing first year!  You Rock!

Until Next Time,